Jobs & Healthcare

When we talk about jobs what we’re really talking about is security. Zach—like so many Arkansans—knows the struggles of everyday life. Zach has felt the anxiety of not knowing if the ends will meet every month and he is resolved to change this. By investing in the middle class, putting more money back in the pockets of the majority, not the few at the top, the economy will grow and the lives of everyone will improve. You can count on Zach to make all of our futures better and more secure.

A healthy workforce is a strong work force. Zach stands behind health care programs to help our citizens avoid the crushing costs of healthcare. By lowering the price of prescriptions, giving tax credits to needy families as an incentive to buy health insurance and help those not currently able to afford the costs of health insurance, Zach will bring a dedication to making Arkansas the most healthy state in the US.

Our farmers are the backbone of our economy and they need our support. Zach supports programs for better food and nutritional education and grants for mobile and pop up farmers markets. Arkansas is a farmers paradise and Zach wants to help make that a thriving industry again.

Arkansas is Zach’s home and in all his travels has taken pride everyday in where he comes from. Now he wants to make it better. Help Zach to help us. Vote Randall for Arkansas.


Education is the cornerstone of Arkansas’s future and Zach wants to bring out the best in every child, helping them to reach their full potential. Smaller class sizes, stronger support for teachers in the class rooms and more individual attention are just the beginning. Teachers pay being brought up to competitive levels, reversing the cuts to higher education by fully funding the UA system. From UAMS, UALR and Pulaski Tech each school should have the ability to offer high quality education for competitive costs. Zach also wants to have a focus on more technology and computer class to ready our students for tomorrow’s jobs.

From college preparation courses to vocational training, every child should be given the tools she or he needs to reach the goals they set for themselves. But we can’t stop there. The world is changing and concentrating on those in our community that have been left in the cold is not only right but is an imperative. Zach may not be able to reverse the jobs that are leaving, only congress can do that, but he can and will concentrate on helping every Arkansan pick up the pieces of their life and rebuild anew.

Arkansas schools have the potential to be some of the best in the country. Yet our leaders have continually allowed Arkansas to rank near the bottom in education. Zach, like most Arkansans believes this is unacceptable. Zach will strengthen our schools and make sure every child is stronger and more prepared then at any time before.


Zach believes in investing in the middle class, putting more money back in the pockets of the majority, and growing the economy from the middle out. Zach will begin by rolling back this administrations devastating tax programs. In the last two years the legislature, with the encouragement of the governor, have instituted tax relief programs for the top earners that are crushing the middle class. In fact since 2018, 98% of all Arkansans have only seen tax relief in the form of $6 per year. These policies are crushing our industry and middle class. Zach will put a stop to these policies. The economy will grow and the lives of everyone will improve.

But Zach will not stop there. In 2016 Arkansans voted in overwhelming numbers to raise the minimum wage. Yet legislators have ignored the direction of their constituents and have worked diligently to find any loophole they can to stop this. Zach will fight these efforts at every turn to make sure that the voice of the people is heard once again in the legislature.